Is White Rose Your Herbal Bar?

Is White Rose Your Herbal Bar?

Is White Rose Your Herbal Bar?

Aromas have the power to transport our psyche. 

Each month, we release a unique profile for each Herbal of The Month so you can find a scent that is true to you.

White Rose Herbal Bar


May Herbal of The Month: White Rose bar

This herbal bar was inspired by luxury and relaxation. The White Rose Herbal Bar feels like silk sheets, a warm blanket and that first sip of hot tea.
Scent Profile: Fresh, light and rosy.
You’ll Like This If: You enjoy fresh scents and freshly picked flowers.
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Why Scent Is So Powerful:

Scent is the first sense that is activated when we are born. Our sense of smell is 10 thousand times more sensitive than our other sense. We have over six million smell-detecting cells in our nose. The Limbic part of our brain, which is related to memory and feelings, interprets smell. It’s no surprise that our sense of smell is deeply connected to our emotional state.  Smells can elicit positive or negative emotions based the experiences we associate with the aroma. In short, aromas are an experience.

Grandma’s Herbal Bars feel magical. When you use an herbal bar during relaxing baths, you are instantly transported to a happy and tranquil place.

The carefully sourced ingredients create scents that quickly become associated with peacefulness, relaxation and happiness. Something as simple as an herbal bar can change your daily disposition for the better. Grandma’s Herbal of The Month is a small way you can improve your mood and influence your own happiness.

 Next time you’re down, remember to stop and smell the roses. They can instantly improve your mood.

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