5 Things To Do For Yourself Every Week

5 Things To Do For Yourself Every Week

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Loving yourself means understanding personal limits and allowing yourself to relax.

Letting yourself be: tired, grumpy, happy or irritated helps you recognize what you need. You don’t have to apologize for being tired or imperfect. 

Too often we put on a face rather than embracing what we’re feeling. You don’t have to pretend to be organized, take time to get organized. Don’t stay overwhelmed, disconnect and relax without apologizing. Carrying the weight of the world makes your arms tired; why not use them for things like eating or hugging.

Accepting yourself helps you know when you need to take a step back, recharge or dive in.

Try doing these five things every week and see if your stress level decreases.

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Do you ever feel obligated to respond to: calls, texts or emails after work hours? We have all been there. Our phones have made it impossible to disconnect. That feeling of responsibility can keep us from truly relaxing after work.

You can’t stay ahead of the game when your brain is exhausted. Unplugging allows you to ditch the pressure of responding and allows you to turn off that area of your brain that needs a break. 


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Pick up a book that allows you to escape. Whether it is fiction, motivational or work related let it be something that allows you to disengage from the pressure of your workday.

After looking at screens all day long, paper pages is a simple way to help your eyes rest.

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Don’t make exercise a burden. Something as simple as taking your dog on a walk can be what you need to re-energize.

Exercise allows a different part of your brain to engage. This can help you sleep deeper, have more energy during the day and relieve stress.

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Relaxing is relative. We all have different ways that allow us to unwind. Find something that is right for you and make it a weekly priority.

When you find the perfect activity you’ll be able to clear your mind and release tension in your body. No one can operate at 100% without making time to relax. Fight burnout with active relaxation.

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Get Organized

Disorganization can add to your stress load. Something as simple as planning the following day before you leave the office can give you peace of mind.

Don’t worry about tackling huge projects like cleaning the garage. Make simple changes that add an element of structure to your routine.


You are hardworking and selfless. You deserve personal time.

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