Five Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Five Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Five Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Grandma knows we all forget to water the plants from time to time. There are countless trashcans filled with the corpses of a beautiful houseplant left to fend for itself for too long!

Ours days have become busier and our schedules jam packed, it’s no wonder that we forget something like watering plants. Grandma has compiled a list of 5 plants that are beautiful accents to your home or office space, but require little care. Some plants can be left alone for months without repercussion!

Not only are these plants resilient, many of them have other attributes that make them a practical and beneficial addition to your home!

Snake Plant

The snake plant is popular for many because it is hardy and doesn’t need much water. It even can grow happily in a room without windows! Sporting deep green lines and long sprouts, this plant is not out of place in most homes. The snake plant also cleans the air at night, making it a perfect addition to your bedroom!

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant is another animal named plant, but not because it attracts spiders thankfully. This hearty plant grows long leaves that are light green in color. Low light, no problem! The spider plant’s only real concern is watering it with distilled water, as the roots don’t do well with fluoride found in most water sources in the US.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ is the uncrowned king of the forget-about-it houseplants. It shows its resilience by having leaves many have thought to be plastic! Needing light water and moderate light, this plant can be left at home while you’re on vacation and does just fine without attention.

Crown of Thorns

This plant is a break from what we have told you thus far. The Crown of Thorns plant has red flowers that look beautiful and have a vibrant color. Crown of Thorns only needs a misting of water every few days to stay optimally healthy and happy. If only low maintenance beauty was this easy for the rest of us.


The Philodendron has big flat green leaves that are a great accent! Needing only light watering weekly, the Philo is a beautiful addition to your home that won’t cause you stress if you are too busy to water it daily.

Prayer Plant

This unique plant gets its name from a fun thing it does at night, where it will fold the leaves together like hands in prayer! Praying aside, this plant is very tough and resilient! Indirect sunlight is best. Simply keep the soil moist but not soaked and you’re set. Follow these steps for a happy and beautiful Prayer Plant!

Grandma is an experienced gardener, but knows not everyone has a green thumb. She hopes you love these new additions to your home. They will fill your home with natural air cleaners and help you relax throughout the day. Grandma suggests trying her herbal bars to keep yourself in a green mood all the time! You can also purchase her Grime Away Bar that was inspired by getting her hands dirty in the garden.

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