Fall Decoration Tips

Fall Decoration Tips

Crisp nights are slowly creeping in. Grandma is decorating her home with cozy accents to ring in the season.

There are many ways to decorate your living space in the colors and feeling of Fall, from DIY wall hangings to “Happy Fall Y'all” banners. Today, Grandma is sharing a few classics you can create at home.


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DIY Fall Leaf décor

Grandma loves using leaves that are in the color changing phase, as they turn from the bright greens to the browns, yellows and orange. You can create wall hangings, pictures, decorate vases and more. Grandma likes to use the leaves on a canvas, layering the leaves on top of one another to create a “3D” painting that hangs in her living room. Putting dried leaves in a glass vase with scented pinecones is also a beautiful way to spruce up a table or add some scent to a guest room or hallway.


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Tea Candles

This is a fun way to add a fall scent and ambiance lighting to a room! Coffee beans and vanilla scented tea candles team up for this simple and creative Fall decoration. All you need are tea candles and a container with enough room around the edges for coffee beans. Grandma likes to have about ½ inch of beans depth around the candle. Light the candle, and you have a cute scented candle to add to any room!

Small pumpkins can also serve as decorative tea light holders. Simply cut a hole in the top of the pumpkin for enough space to hold a tea light. Next, remove the pumpkin filling and seeds. Lastly, dry out the interior of the pumpkin with a napkin. Add your tea light to your mini pumpkin and you are done!


Pumpkin Vase

The pumpkin has long been a staple of fall décor. Who new making it into a vase would be the perfect pumpkin craft! To make a pumpkin into a beautiful vase, first cut a large hole in the top, and scoop out all the seeds. Now, dry out the interior using paper towels or a blow dryer and voila, you have a beautiful vase that doubles as a centerpiece of the Fall season!

Don’t forget that Grandma’s Grime Away is great for clean-up after a crafting! Grandma’s Grime Away Bar was inspired by hardworking crafting hands. Simple clean-up that doesn’t dry out skin keeps you ready for a day a crafting.

There are many ways to decorate your home for Autumn. Grandma would like to encourage you to create holiday traditions that will make your home beautiful and your hearts full!

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