Choosing the Right Sunscreen

July 29, 2017


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Taking care of your skin is especially important in the summer months.

As you take vacations and spend more time outdoors, you put yourself at risk for sunburns. It is important to remember that our skin needs protection even on cloudy days!

There are many different skin types, and not all of them take a one-size-fits-all approach to sunscreen. Sun Protection Factor (or SPF) is a measure of how long you can stay in the sun without getting burned. For example, if your skin would normally burn after 10 minutes in the sun, applying an SPF 15 sunscreen would allow you to stay in the sun without burning for approximately 150 minutes (15 times longer). This is a rough figure that depends on your skin type, how bright the sun is and how much sunscreen is applied.

With these factors in mind, staying above 15 SPF is a good rule of thumb! Grandma’s Lip Soother lip balm has an SPF of 15, and has the added benefit of being made of carefully selected ingredients that do not irritate sensitive skin. In the list below, Grandma lets you know what sunscreens generally work best for dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin.

  • Dry Skin

    • For dry skin, Grandma recommends a sunscreen with lots of moisturizer such as a coconut or almond to keep your skin soothed in the sun. Multiple applications may be needed if you are continuously getting in and out of water. How much your sweat and the heat index may also influence the number of times you need to reapply.

  • Oily Skin

    • Oily skin doesn’t usually welcome more greasy sunscreen on top. Grandma recommends light, oil-free sunscreens that won’t make skin feel greasy and more importantly, it won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Proper sunscreen usage will not only protect your skin from damage but prevent wrinkles! Oily skin needs lotion too.

  • Sensitive Skin

    • Sensitive skin sufferers can have a challenging time choosing sunscreens, as there may be certain ingredients in lotions that cause reactions. There is not a one stop shop for sensitive skin sunscreen. However, natural products and those without added chemicals or scents can be easier to test. Grandma recommends that sensitive skin types test sunscreen on the back of their hand a few days before being in heavy sun. Give yourself ample time to ensure you have something that will protect your skin from damage without causing irritation.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right sunscreen lotion for your skin type. While it may seem easier to simply pick something off the shelf, choosing carefully can ensure you prevent serious damage, skin cancer and even heat stroke.


Practice sun safety which includes: using sunscreen, wearing lose fitting clothing that covers large areas of skin, wearing a hat, drinking plenty of electrolytes and ensuring you spend time in the shade.

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