Camping Essentials for the Family

Camping Essentials for the Family

Camping Essentials for the Family

Camping has been a cornerstone of the family vacation for decades.

Summer time camping normally combines the joy of being outdoors with water activities such as swimming and fishing. Grandma knows how critical it can be to spend time with you loved ones and connect. Camping for a weekend is a surefire way to be free of distraction.

Before you pack everyone into the car and head out of town, make sure you didn’t leave any essentials behind! We have all started a road trip and realized we forgot something important when we are half way there.

It is for that exact reason that Grandma decided to put together a list of the essential items you and your family will need for a fun filled camping adventure:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Sleeping Pads
  • Cookware
  • Water Purifying Tabs
  • Camp Chairs
  • Sunscreen
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Tools
  • Lighting (Flashlight/etc)
These are just the basics to ensure that you have what you need. We also recommend taking some other goodies to make your camping trip fun and comfortable! Below are item’s Grandma keeps in her camping first aid kit.
  1. Poison Ivy Bar
  2. Don’t Bug Me Bar
  3. Shampoo Shave Bar
  4. Lip Soother with SPF

Grandma also makes a Poison Ivy Bar that will fight the itch and remove the oils from your skin! This helpful bar is easy to use and will stop your skin from itching if you have come into contact with either poison ivy or poison oak.

Camping Essentials for the Family

Sunscreen is a vital and necessary item! Overcast days can be deceptive as the UV rays still penetrate the cloud cover and can burn those who neglect to protect their skin. Simple spray sunscreen makes application easy. Don’t forget your lips either! Grandma’s Lip Soother has an SPF of 15, so it keeps your lips smooth and protects them from getting burned.

To protect your skin from the bugs, Grandma’s Don’t Bug Me Bar is a perfect solution that will keep the critters from biting! This is a safe alternative to sprays that can irritate your skin and disrupt the environment!

All of Grandma’s products are safe for sensitive skin and children. Each product was made with family and real life in mind. Before you head out the door on  your next camping adventure, don’t forget Grandma’s list of first aid skincare.

We hope you enjoy your camping experience, and don’t forget the Grandma’s Summer Survival Kit to get some of the most basic of skincare covered while you are out in the sun!

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