Grandma’s Scent Hiding Basics

Grandma’s Scent Hiding Basics

Grandma’s Scent Hiding Basics

Hiding your scent is a very crucial detail in hunting, as nearly every animal we hunt has a vastly superior sense of smell!

Grandma’s BIG BUCK kit is helping hunters prepare for the season.  Deer can smell up to six different scents at once and learn to associate the human smells with danger! The new BIG BUCK kit has soap and non-detergent laundry soap that will clean your skin and clothing to ensure no scents stand out.

The food you’ve eaten and the places you’ve been in the past 48 hours can leave scents that you will not notice but will scare deer away! Grandma’s BIG BUCK kit ensures your skin and clothing are naturally treated to mask your scent. If you can mask your scent by 50%, you have given the deer the illusion that you are 50% farther away than you actually are! Give yourself and advantage by distorting the deer’s sense of distance.

In order to achieve these type of results it is important to wash your hunting clothes the night before you go on a hunt. Grandma’s BIG BUCK non-detergent laundry soap removes scents from clothing in a single wash cycle. Hunters save time with BIG BUCK as other traditional scent hiding wash methods take hours of soaking. Those seeking to go above and beyond can place their freshly washed clothes into a bag with grass/sticks from the area where they will be hunting. This goes one step further to decrease your chances of being noticed by your prey. Grandma’s BIG BUCK kit is safe for even sensitive skin types.
Fun Fact: While Grandma’s BIG BUCK kit is natural and powerful, it cannot mask your most powerful scent – your breath. For a natural approach take a bite out of nature’s bad breath killer, an apple!

Grandma also recommends carrying her DON’T BUG ME BAR and POISON IVY BAR in your hunter’s first aid kit. The Don’t Bug Me Bar has no DEET! That’s right, it is an effective and natural alternative to DEET products.  This means no unusual smells to make your scent profile smell unusual to animals.

The Don’t Bug Me Bar will keep mosquitoes and other bugs away from you so can focus entirely on the hunt! Grandma also has a Poison Ivy Bar to help fight the pain from poison ivy and poison oak plants. There is nothing worse than brushing up against poison ivy. The subsequent rash and itch are a nightmare for everyone. Grandma’s Poison Ivy Bar helps soothe the pain of the rash so you can enjoy the hunt.

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