Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

A large dining room table filled with food and the sounds of family talking is a common sight at Grandma’s house this time of year. This is in and of itself a tradition.

What traditions do you carry into Thanksgiving? Do you write down or say things you are thankful for? Do you have a pre-Thanksgiving meal no-eat rule? Do you encourage everyone to eat as much as possible and watch the football game?

There are a lot of interesting and fun ways to have fun with family, and Grandma has a few you might want to add to your festivities this year!

Tablecloth Thanks

Thanksgiving usually calls for a nice tablecloth that looks pretty with holiday décor, but Grandma has a simple idea that everyone will enjoy. Use a large sheet of butcher paper and have everyone in the family write things they are thankful for!  You can save the entire sheet or just cut out ones that are particularly memorable or sweet.

Toasting Thankfulness

This is a fun tradition that everyone can get behind! At the start or end of the meal make sure everyone has a glass. Then, go around the table having everybody toasts to family, the year or for whatever they want! Raising your glass for thankfulness and celebrating loved ones is a fun way to remember all we should be happy for.

After Dinner Walk

This tradition is twofold, one to aid in digestion and the other to get everyone outside to enjoy beautiful fall weather! The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time to enjoy the cool Fall weather, changing leaves and spend time talking with loved ones after a delicious meal.

Technology Thanksgiving

Technology has made talking with loved ones who can’t be close easier than ever! If you have friends or family who can’t make it, set aside a special time for everyone to talk and interact with them. Being apart can be difficult on the family. Let long-distance relatives know they are missed and loved. A simple phone call can change someone’s day.

These simple traditions can make the holiday feel more thankful and help ease the stresses of having a lot family together under one roof. Grandma knows that there is nothing quite like seeing multiple generations at one table or sharing recipes with grandchildren. Make this holiday memorable.

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