Is Jasmine Your Herbal Bar?

Is Jasmine Your Herbal Bar?

Is Jasmine Your Herbal Bar?

Did you know that certain scents trigger different feelings in humans?

Our noses may not be as sensitive as most animals, as we only have around five million five million receptor cells in our nose compared to 200 million in dogs. However, our noses trigger memories and emotions.

Did you know that spraying certain scents in your room before you fall asleep can help you have better dreams or that putting scents in your office can help with focus? Scents are a powerful yet easy way we can aid our daily lives! Relaxation, focus, and mental clarity are just a few of the ways certain scents can help you. There are many combinations of scents that work in harmony to bring together many effects at once!



This herbal bar was inspired by luxury and relaxation. The Jasmine Herbal Bar feels like summer nights, a cool breeze and falling asleep under the stars.

Scent Profile: Strong bodied, floral and sweet.
You’ll Like This If: You enjoy fresh scents and freshly picked flowers.
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Jasmine is a widely used scent across the globe, and it has been described in many ways such as warm with oily leafy-green, fruity undertones, elusive, sweet and warm and many more! Jasmine is a popular scent choice for perfumes and oils as it is both delicate and sweet while packing a robust punch. Lighter scents like rose wish they had the undertones of Jasmine. Loved by many, jasmine invokes memories of summer evenings and cool breezes.

Scents have the power to transport us and change our moods! With such a wide variety of herbal scents, Grandma chose 12 of her favorite, and offers 1 each month at a special price! Grandma’s Herbal of the month club is a way for you to try a new herbal bar every month at a discounted price. There are many scents to try, and each of them specializes in something different from the last. 

Grandma’s soaps are made with the best quality and care in mind, so you always get great quality products that are safe to use and gentle on skin! Grandma uses natural ingredients and oils in her soaps for a pure, clean feeling each time. Grandma’s Herbal Sampler is a great way to try all of her herbal soaps in one package! Each bar of herbal soap in the sampler is a sample size, enough for a few uses to determine your favorite! Order one today if you are unsure that that Jasmine is your herbal soap. Try Grandma’s Beauty Set as well, which comes with two different herbal soaps (of your choosing) as well as her Goat’s Milk Beauty Bar!

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