Making Time for You During the School Year

Making Time for You During the School Year

making time for you during the school year

The school year is upon us! Crazy mornings and schedules will start to weigh on parents quickly.

As your calendar starts brimming at the seams, be sure to take time to relax. How you choose to recharge your batteries is personal. You know what renews your spirit. Why not put those activities on your calendar?

Planning out how to relax gives you time to schedule a sitter, make a reservation, pre-order what you need or ask someone to carpool.

You don’t have to know exactly what you’re going to do in advance. Instead, Grandma recommends putting place holders and reminders into your calendar. These five simple calendar reminders can keep you from burning out.


Get Enough Sleep | Daily Reminder

Set a daily alarm that lets you know when it’s time for bed. Give yourself enough time to put the kids to bed. This is some of the easiest advice to give, but following it can be a different story. From work schedules to life stresses, getting enough sleep isn’t always as simple as turning off the lights. Grandma recommends doing some light stretching before bed to help your muscles relax.

Eat Well | Weekly Grocery Shopping Trip

Stopping for fast food is too easy. Try adding a recurring calendar reminder to stop by the store to pick up groceries. Grandma knows a healthy, balanced diet can help you manage your stress and give you plenty of energy to last throughout the day. Healthier diets also help you fight off illnesses. Let’s face it, there are no sick days for Mom.

Be Good to Your Skin | Daily Regiment

Try setting a calendar reminder that reminds you to take care of you. It could be scheduling a facial each month or a simple reminder to re-order your favorite products. From keeping your skin moisturized and clean to using proper sun protection, taking care of your skin now can save you from facing problems later in life.

Let Loose | Monthly Activity

The best way to thank yourself is to do something you love without feeling guilty. Place some time in your calendar to let loose how ever you choose once a month. Getting to do something you really want to do can help your stress levels drop and put your mind in a mood of enjoyment.

Be Good to Your Body | Weekly Routine

Light exercise and stretching can do a lot for your body, from keeping your muscles active and strong to joint health! You don’t have to overthink working out. It could be as simple as setting a reminder to go on a walk as a family a few times a week.

Making time for yourself to relax keeps your ready for life’s challenges. When you take the time to take care of your body and mind, they will take care of you.

Be good to you! Try Grandma’s Beauty Set as part of your weekly skincare regiment.



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