April 07, 2017


Grandma's Lye Soap is a hand-made soap with no added detergents, dyes or fragrances to irritate skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and clean!

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April Which herbal bar are you?

Do you know which Herbal Bar you are? We’re releasing a unique profile for each Herbal of The Month so you can find a scent that is true to you.

Everyone has a unique “smell print”. No two people smell things the same way because each of us has scent blind spots, meaning specific odors we can’t pick up on. That room spray that smells like violets to you and like herbs to your friend? You can both be right.

Good smells make you happier. Smelling a fragrance you perceive as pleasant has a positive effect on the mind. So if you love musk, keeping a little scented oil on your desk can help lift your mood when you’re down. The same goes for citrusy scents.

The carefully sourced ingredients create scents that quickly become associated with peacefulness, relaxation and happiness. Something as simple as an herbal bar can change your daily disposition for the better. Grandma’s Herbal of The Month is a small way you can improve your mood and influence your own happiness.

April’s Herbal of The Month is Grandma’s White Patchouli bar. This herbal bar was inspired by dark earthy scents and the smell of the woods. The White Patchouli Herbal Bar smells like the breeze on a sunny day after a long winter.
Scent Profile: Hints of patchouli and other unique earthy herbal bouquets.
You’ll Like This If: You are a lover of earthy and musky smells .
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