5 Ways to Stay Zen In Times of Stress

5 Ways to Stay Zen In Times of Stress



One: Make personal time a priority.

Schedule lunch dates or appointments to get your nails done. Put things in your schedule that build you back up and give you confidence.


Two: Do something that exerts energy.

This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. You could go for an evening stroll, play with the kids or do chores you enjoy. Do something that takes the restlessness out of your bones.


Three: Quiet time is necessary.

Finding quiet time doesn’t have to be sitting in silence. For some it may be turning off electronic devices for an hour. For others it may be sitting and reading a book or taking a long bath.


Four: Spread kindness.

When you do something kind for someone else, it brings YOU happiness. Spreading kindness is a great way to remind yourself of the good that is in the world. Grandma gives out extra goodies in most orders so you can spread the love. 


Five: Keep learning.

Make time for personal development. Maybe it’s a deep conversation with a friend or maybe it’s reading an inspirational book.



Grandma knows that we all need to be hugged and lifted up from time to time… that’s why she makes her products with you in mind. All of Grandma’s soaps are free of detergents, dyes, fragrance or other additives. Be good to you and be good to your skin.


Relax tonight and do something for you. 

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